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SecureData, Inc. holds verified credentials from various financial credibility firms that evaluate our organization for financial capabilities. Our verification provides our customers with insights into our business's capabilities and helps to protect against fraud in the software industry.

Financially Sound Software Company

Financial Credibility verification provides additional assurance of our excellent financial practices.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides simple access to our verification information for the benefit of our clients:

Secure Data- Credibility review

This listing shows information about our business and provides easy access to verification information

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Secure Data - Verified Profile

This review verifies the accuracy of our payment methods, address and other essential business attributes.

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Our Credibility verification report shows that our business accurately reports information to consumers, credit bureaus and partners. These metrics are useful when evaluating business relationships and help to demonstrate our capabilities as a software vendor.

Read on for more information regarding verification and its importance in the software data recovery industry. To research software features and to efficiently recover data from any digital device, visit our software page.

The Advantages of Working with a Verified Business

For many enterprise-level businesses, financial liability verification is essential when evaluating potential IT purchases. However, the program has benefits for all consumers, as verified businesses are less likely to perform fraudulent actions. By accessing a business's attributes through this company’s verification, you can ensure that your software provider is presenting accurate information about its capabilities.

A typical verification report will contain a brief company history, addresses of main offices or headquarters, a list of chief officers, credit history and an annual income analysis. This effectively establishes a business's credibility, and these third party companies regular perform checks to keep the report up to date.

In addition to improved risk management, verification often allows for simpler purchasing procedures for larger businesses, and the program may help to indicate the quality of your software products. Choosing a verified software developer allows you to you ensure that your data recovery tools were created by a reliable, capable provider. You can click the reports above to verify our business's attributes within seconds, and because we also maintain additional security credentials, you can place your order for professional data recovery software with complete confidence.

Safe Data Recovery Tools with Verification

SecureData, Inc. products were created by highly trained data recovery engineers, and every tool is optimized to recover fully functional data while maintaining perfect security. In addition to financial liability verification, we hold a SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 security credential, and our facilities utilize strict access controls at every level to protect collected information.

More reasons to choose data recovery software from SecureData, Inc.:

  • Intuitive User Interfaces and Simple Menu System
  • Powerful Features for Various Common Data Loss Scenarios
  • Support for Various Operating Systems and File Systems
  • Extensive List of Business Credentials for Complete Assurance

Our powerful file repair software provides everything you need to restore lost, deleted, damaged or corrupt files from virtually any type of device, and as a verified business, we provide a more reliable option for professional data recovery. All of our tools feature the same superior security, and our secure ordering process gives you instant access to an extensive set of tools. Visit the software section of our website to download an application or contact our customer service team for more information.


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