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SecureData, Inc. is one of the only data recovery software developers to hold full Safe Harbor certification, which provides important assurance of our security practices for our customers in the European Union.

Safe Harbor

By establishing strong access protocols, we maintain full compliance with the standards of the Safe Harbor program.

The Safe Harbor program was created as an objective evaluation of service providers in the United States, and the thorough certification process requires applicants to follow a series of strict security procedures. For computer users in the European Union, Safe Harbor certification is especially important, as the credential shows that an American company takes appropriate precautions with personally identifiable information.

View our Safe Harbor certification documents below:

Safe Harbor Certification

Safe Harbor Certified Company

This page contains an overview of our Safe Harbor credential including certification dates, basic organizational info and details regarding the information that we collect over the course of our services.

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SecureData, Inc. is proud to post full access to Safe Harbor certification documents. We provide a completely secure purchasing process for our customers, and all of our products are designed to maintain data privacy while delivering fast access to lost or deleted files.

Read on for more information about the Safe Harbor certification program or visit our software pages for product features.

Understanding the Requirements of Safe Harbor Certification

The Safe Harbor credential addresses the requirements of European Union directive 95/46/EC, which is primarily concerned with the handling of private data including payment numbers, addresses and other personally identifiable information. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) acts as the regulatory body for this certification, and various third-party institutions are authorized to perform the related audits and attestations.

Requirements of the Safe Harbor program include:

  • Proof of Controlled Networks, Data Storage Systems and Protocols
  • Evidence of Full Cooperation with Data Protection Authorities in the EU
  • Customers Must Be Provided with Access to Collected Information
  • Applicant Must Fully Disclose All Collected Information
  • Applicant Must Only Collect Relevant Information

To earn our credential, we established guidelines for the collection and use of private information, then submitted to qualified audits that verified our capabilities. We also demonstrated that we only use collected information for declared purposes, and that collected information is stored with proper access controls. Our customers are able to access collected information, and we securely destroy personally identifiable information on request by using Department of Defense (DOD) standards.

SecureData, Inc. provides a superior purchasing process for businesses and personal computer users throughout the European Union, and we update our systems as needed to provide the best security available.

Choosing Secure Software from a Certified Developer

By choosing a data recovery software provider that takes appropriate precautions with your personal information, you can ensure a safer purchasing process. Our file repair tools are secure at every level, with no built-in back doors or other hidden features that could allow third-party access, and our facilities feature state-of-the-art systems with high-level encryption to protect payment information.

All of our software tools provide the same excellent security, and in addition to our Safe Harbor certification, we hold a number of other relevant credentials, obtained through third-party attestations and audits. SecureData, Inc. is one of the only data recovery software developers with SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 certification, and every tool is optimized to provide a simple, secure solution to data loss.

More reasons to choose software from SecureData, Inc. include:

  • Powerful Tools for Hundreds of File and Device Types
  • High Success Rates for All Types of Data Loss
  • Dedicated Options for Corrupt Databases, Lost Email Archives and More
  • More Security Credentials Than Other Data Recovery Software Developers

Through our commitment to the Safe Harbor certification program and our ongoing investments in new security technologies, SecureData, Inc. provides customers with complete peace of mind. Our products feature powerful data recovery capabilities and superior privacy protection controls, and every step of our ordering process is carefully controlled to ensure full compliance with relevant privacy laws in the United States and European Union. Visit our software pages to make an order or contact us for more information regarding Safe Harbor certification and other credentials.


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