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CD/DVD Repair

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Data recovery software for CD and DVD

Physical media provides secure, portable storage for important files, but discs are vulnerable to corruption and degradation. When you have a corrupted CD or DVD, you need a reliable repair service to restore access to your important files. SecureRecovery for CD and DVD offers extensive file restoration for storage discs. This dedicated repair utility restores files on damaged discs while keeping folder tree structures in place, and it is compatible with virtually every type of CD and DVD.


SecureRecovery for CD and DVD is compatible with most types of storage discs and offers reliable file restoration with the following benefits:

  • Recovery for CD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/+R, DVD-RW/+RW
  • File Retrieval
  • Restores Subfolders and Folder Tree Structure
  • Full Support for Long File Names
  • Full Support for Localized File Names
  • Full Install/Uninstall Support
  • User-Friendly Interface

Data Browser Allows Targeted File Recovery

If you need a particular file recovered, SecureRecovery for CD and DVD can help. The Data Browser utility searches for granular data, isolating and repairing just the files you need. It is an ideal option when sifting through a large number of files, or when the general repair operation is unable to restore everything. The Data Browser is also useful for previewing undamaged files.

Evaluate Your Media With a Free Demo

The demo version of SecureRecovery for CDs and DVDs evaluates the extent of the damage and determines which repairs the full version of the software will complete, allowing you to test the thoroughness of the utility before you buy. This demo restores the folders and files that make up your disc’s media structure. Try it for free by visiting the Demo page.

System Requirements

This comprehensive recovery tool is designed to work with most Windows systems, effectively restoring the data stored on CDs and DVDs. System requirements include:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2008 Server and 2003 Server
  • Operating Systems Not Supported: Windows 98, 95 and ME
  • RAM: 256-1024 MB
  • Hard Disk Free Space: 10 MB Required to Install
  • Display Resolution: 640 x 480 or Higher, 256 Colors

Reliable Repair for Damaged CDs and DVDs

Restoring files in your own home or office helps to ensure complete security, and SecureRecovery for CD and DVD makes repair tasks easy. With its simple user interface, this software offers a simple way to avoid the costly data loss that can be caused by corrupted CDs and DVDs. Order SecureRecovery for CD and DVD today to restore access to all the files stored on a corrupted disc.

I cannot read information from a CD or DVD. Can SecureRecovery for CD and DVD help?

It is one of the most advanced data recovery utilities available for CD and DVD media. It can recover data in many circumstances and treats a wide variety of failure types. It is not designed for a specific file type, and should function with any standard optical disk (CD/DVD only).

How can I choose the right product license?

Different licensing options are available for home and business users. Read the Licensing page to fully understand the differences between the available options and to make an appropriate selection.

Should I download the demo version of this software before buying the full version?

e offer a demo version to showcase the features of SecureRecovery for CD and DVD, and the demo can help you to determine whether the software will successfully recover your optical disks.

After installing the demo, you can run through a trial recovery to see a list of recoverable files. Please note that the demo version is limited. It only recovers the basic media structure without recovering the contents of the files. If you attempt a recovery, it will create text files with the extensions of the original files, but these files will be unusable. The full version of the software will recover the entire disc.

Note that if a file does not appear in the output of the demo version of MediaHeal, the full version of the software will not be able to recover it. The demo version of MediaHeal does not fully recover your data, so file sizes are much smaller.

I am using the full version and I think that the recovered files seem small. Is this possible?

Yes. Due to media degradation, physical damage and other issues, some areas of your CD or DVD may be permanently unreadable. If this occurs, SecureRecovery for CD and DVD will be unable to recover the affected data, and the file size will be relatively small.

If your disc is severely corrupted, the restored file may not be readable. You may be able to fix the corruption with one of our other recovery tools (demo versions are available to help you evaluate recoverability).


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