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SecureData Shield

From:  $195.99


SecureData Shield

Introducing SecureData Shield

Easy-to-use Secure solution when you need to store, backup and protect your data for Home, Office or on the go. Drag and drop files Saving, Securing and Backing them up right out of the box with fast data transfer via USB 3.0 connectivity.

The SecureData Shield installs easily by plugging in one USB cable and comes pre-loaded with an automatic syncing Data Backup to your preferred Cloud storage provider (Amazon, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive) as well as Anti-Virus scan to prevent harmful files from entering your backup drive and online cloud account.

Included for mobile security a 64GB-AES256 bit Encrypted USB Kryptor thumb drive:

SecureData Shield Kryptor

Kryptor Device Features:

  • 64GB of storage space
  • Password Protected
  • AES256 bit data Encryption - Military Grade
  • Hardware Encryption though onboard crypto processor
  • Encrypt any File or Folder on the Fly with One Click
SecureData Shield Bundle

Bundle Content Features:

  • Secure Backup Syncing software
  • Antivirus USB drive protection scanning software
  • External Hard Drive
  • 64GB Secure Kryptor Flash Drive
SecureData Quality

Trusted SecureData quality and support:

  • SecureData has delivered proven, reliable data solutions for more than 12 years.
  • With more than 100,000 successful data recoveries performed SecureData continues to stand behind its quality by including the ultimate solution for data protection and data security with SecureData Shield hard drive bundle.
  • Additionally, SecureData support is always available should you have questions or need assistance using your SecureData Shield hard drive bundle.

In an event of Data Loss – Secure Data will provide Free Data Recovery Services on SecureData Shield branded hardware as well as perform File Repair on data stored on SecureData Shield hardware. (Read full terms here)


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