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Project File Repair

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Data recovery software for Project

Project management software is crucial for success, and Microsoft Project is a great choice for many enterprises. Unfortunately, Project files are as susceptible to corruption as any. When damage threatens your Project file, rely on SecureRecovery for Project to restore your data so you can resume your work. This recovery utility offers dedicated restoration for every element found in Project files.


SecureRecovery for Project supports Project 2010, 2007 and older versions, and makes restoration easy with a user-friendly interface. Recovered data is saved as a stable XML script, or an MPP file for Project 2000. This utility restores and recovers the following items within Project files:

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Relationships Between Tasks
  • Resources
  • All Links Between Resources and Tasks

Free Demo of SecureRecovery for Project Previews Restoration

Before you buy the full version of the software, you can download the demo for free. The demo evaluates your file and determine the scope of the damage. Recoverable objects are displayed as demo text — everything that SecureRecovery for Project will repair is displayed clearly. The demo even fully restores a few rows as a sample.

System Requirements

SecureRecovery for Projects is compatible with systems that meet the following minimum specifications:

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2008 Server or 2003 Server
  • Windows 98, 95 and ME are Not Supported
  • RAM: 256 - 1024 MB
  • Hard Disk: 10 MB or More Free Space Required
  • Display: Resolution of 640 x 480 or Higher, 256 Colors

SecureRecovery for Project Provides Dependable Data Restoration

With advanced algorithms designed specifically to interact with Project, SecureRecovery for Project offers extensive restoration for damaged Project files . This utility features an intuitive, user-friendly interface, so any member of your staff can quickly complete recovery tasks, regardless of computer skills. For file recovery that you can depend on, order a copy of SecureRecovery for Project today.

What types of files can SecureRecovery for Project repair?

SecureRecovery for Project is designed for Microsoft Project databases. You can determine whether this powerful tool will be able to restore your data by using the cost-free demo version to analyze your files.

Should I use the demo version before buying the full version?

Installing and running the demo will help you understand the features of SecureRecovery for Project, and because the demo version is extremely similar to the commercial version, you can safely use it to determine whether your full database will be recoverable.

How else is the SecureRecovery for Project demo different from the fully licensed version?

The primary difference is that the demo version is limited to a pre-defined number of database rows. Placeholders will identify whether additional rows are recoverable. For example, in the MSP_TASKS table, excess rows will have “demo” text. The fully licensed version will be able to recover these columns.

To protect your files, back them up before making recovery attempts with either the demo version or the full commercial version of SecureRecovery for Project. Remember to review the demo output; missing rows that do not have placeholder text may not be recoverable.

Where can I find out about the different software license options?

View our Licensing webpage for details.

After I recovered my Microsoft Project files, they have a smaller file size. Why is this?

This occurs because SecureRecovery for Project replaces areas with severe damage with blank (empty) space. The smaller file size does not mean that important information is missing, and it is an expected consequence of the data recovery process.

As the demo version of the program uses placeholder text, it often creates output files that are much smaller than the originals. Once again, this is normal.

What commands can I use when executing SecureRecovery for Project from the command line?

Use the call below to access the program:

prr.exe “”

To indicate individual unspecified characters, use ‘?’. For multiple characters, use ‘*’. Note that command line functionality is only available with an appropriate license (in the case of SecureRecovery for Project, this feature requires a Service or Enterprise license).

If you have issues with this feature, make sure that you have created a directory for the restored Microsoft Project files. Otherwise, the program may not operate properly.

SecureRecovery for Project ran successfully and created several SQL scripts along with a batch file. How do I use these new files to access my information?

You can individually process the SQL scripts (starting with schema.sql and dataNNNN.sql, in that order), or you can run the batch file, which SecureRecovery for Project generates to make the import process easier. The batch file should be located in the same folder as your SQL scripts.


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