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SecureRepair for Windows Registry

From:  $134.00


Data recovery software for Windows Registry

A Windows Registry database is at the heart of the operating system, and corruption in this crucial file can render the entire system inoperable. If the registry file for your Windows XP or Windows 2000 system is corrupted, you need SecureRepair for Windows Registry. This console application roots out damage at the source, repairing registry files to restore access to your data.


SecureRepair for Windows Registry features a set of benefits to help restore Windows systems.

Advantages include:

  • Full Support for Windows XP and Windows 2000 Registry Files
  • Console Application Functions Even When Graphical User Interfaces Fail
  • All Recovered Registry Data is Stored in a New Registry File
  • Support for Install/Uninstall Tasks

Free Demo Determines the Full Extent of Available Recovery

A free demo version of SecureRepair for Windows Registry creates a full record of registry data that the software will recover, so you can buy with full confidence. The demo analyses your Windows registry, determines what data is recoverable, and generates an accurate report detailing all salvageable data. Download a copy to see what the full version of the software can do for your Windows registry.

System Requirements

SecureRepair for Windows Registry is designed for Windows XP and Windows 2000, with the following system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or 2000
  • Hard Disk Free Space: 10 MB or More
  • RAM: 256-1024 MB, Depending on Registry Size and Type of Damage
  • Minimum Display Requirements: 640 x 480 Resolution and 256 Colors

Repair Windows Registry Files With a Dedicated Recovery Tool

SecureRepair for Windows Registry puts the power to restore Windows operating systems into your hands — no special equipment or advanced degree required. For the security and control provided by an in-house recovery tool, order a copy of SecureRepair for Windows Registry today.


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