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SecureSoftware.com draws on years of data recovery expertise to create powerful file repair applications for consumers and IT professionals.

A Video about Secure Data Recovery

Initially formed in California, we gained recognition as an award-winning data recovery provider with dozens of offices across the United States and Canada. Our software technicians often created specialized utilities to fix corrupt or damaged files, resulting in extraordinary overall success rates of over 96 percent.

We bring our decades of combined experience to our software, and SecureSoftware.com offers a fast, clean and effective way to restore files on virtually any type of system. Our tools are completely secure, and we hold a number of certifications that demonstrate our commitment to modern security procedures - as one of the first data recovery software developers with SSAES 16 Type II SOC-1 certification, we deliver reliable privacy protection for our customers.

After downloading our utilities, you can quickly locate missing, deleted or corrupt files, then transfer the recovered data to another device without navigating complex menus or exposing your files to third-party access. With an intuitive user interface and an extremely powerful feature set, SecureSoftware.com software is optimized to provide a hassle-free process for computer users of all experience levels.

An Expert Option for Data Recovery Software

Different file loss scenarios can require different techniques to ensure a complete recovery, and at SecureSoftware.com, we set out to develop a comprehensive set of utilities that could address all common file loss scenarios within minutes of installation. Our technology is always reliable and designed for ease of use, but powerful enough to provide real results.

Common logical file loss scenarios include:

  • File Corruption Due to Operating System Failure
  • "File Not Found" Errors
  • Slow Load Times Prevent Normal Access
  • File Table Issues
  • Accidental File Deletion and Accidental Formatting
  • Missing or Disappearing Files
  • File Damage Caused by Software Malfunction

No data recovery software can fix hardware issues, but SecureSoftware.com's utilities are capable of addressing almost all logical (non-physical) issues easily. Most importantly, our tools are safe to use on any type of working device, regardless of size or operating system.

This is especially important for home computer users. Some data recovery programs put data at risk during repairs by allowing a possibility of an accidental overwrite, which can cause permanent file loss. SecureSoftware.com software is optimized for home users, and its simple installation process effectively prevents accidental deletion and overwrites.

Advanced File Repair Techniques From an Award-Winning Provider

Because SecureSoftware.com specializes in file recovery, we have an extensive technical library with established techniques for various types of media failure scenarios. We earned a top ranking on Top Ten Reviews for the quality of our facilities and services, and our software fully incorporates our best-in-class technology to give users a superior data recovery experience.

Our extensive list of credentials helps to demonstrate our position as an industry leader:

  • Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A+ Rating
  • SSAE 16 Type II SOC-1 Certification and Other Security Credentials
  • GSA Approved and Safe Harbor Certified
  • Business Consumer Alliance Accredited with an AAA Rating

Visit our credentials section to learn more about these certifications or to see relevant documentation.

File loss can instantly affect any computer user, and while professional data recovery services are sometimes an invaluable option, safe file repair software is typically faster and less expensive. SecureSoftware.com is proud to provide a better set of tools for our customers, and we stand behind our products with a strong reputation and numerous third-party credentials. When you need an efficient and secure way to restore files from a hard drive, solid-state drive or other device, our software gives you everything you need to get started. Download Secure Data, Inc. file recovery tools today or contact our customer service team for more information.


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