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SecureSoftware.com maintains a large library of copyrighted material and other intellectual property, much of which is accessible on this website. Copyright materials include (but are not limited to) images, videos and written content. We reserve the right to enforce our copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the fullest extent permissible under federal and state law.

Except as otherwise expressly noted, we retain full copyrights and other proprietary rights to all content on this website. If you would like to use any of our content for any reason (including but not limited to reproduction on other websites or digital media), you will need to contact our customer support team to obtain explicit written permission.

Please review our content guidelines below. If you have questions, contact our support team.

How to Request Use of Copyrighted Materials from SecureSoftware.com

To use any content owned by SecureSoftware.com for any reason in print or online, you must submit a written request to [email protected]. You must wait for a response explicitly granting your request before using the requested content. You may not use any content without first obtaining our express written permission. Without limitation, this requirement applies to both digital and physical usage (including but not limited to flyers, brochures, websites, books, newspapers and magazines) and any other type of usage.

Keep these basic guidelines in mind when making your request:

  • You must submit your request in writing and receive a response explicitly granting your request prior to using copyrighted materials. This applies to all protected content.
  • You must not use content in any way that infringes on the rights of SecureSoftware.com's partners, customers or other third parties. Certain sections of our website contain copyrighted content from third-party sources, used with permission. We cannot give our consent for the use of copyrighted content owned exclusively by a third party (or multiple third parties), and you may not use any such content contained on our website.
  • You must not use our content in a way that infringes on the rights of any third party. You must not use our content on any website that promotes illegal activity.
  • You must not use any content, including but not limited to our logo, in a way that implies a professional relationship (such as a partnership) unless we provide explicit written permission to do so. Our authorization to use copyrighted content is not intended as an implicit or explicit endorsement of products, services, websites or businesses.
  • To allow our team to handle your request efficiently, please provide hyperlinks to the content you would like to use and to the websites (if applicable) where the copyrighted materials will appear. Provide a description of how you will use the content.
  • In order to use copyrighted content jointly owned by SecureSoftware.com and a third party, you must obtain written permission from SecureSoftware.com and the other copyright holder(s) prior to using the content.

These guidelines do not in any way restrict or limit our ability to protect our copyrights. Additional restrictions may apply.

Making a Copyright Complaint or Submitting a Take-down Request

SecureSoftware.com produces unique, independently sourced content. We take appropriate measures to ensure that our content does not violate trademarks, copyrights or other legal rights.

We will make reasonable attempts in good faith to remove any materials that violate the copyright, trademarks or property rights of other parties. By removing materials, we do not explicitly or implicitly admit fault or liability.

To submit a take-down request or to file a complaint regarding alleged trademark or copyright violation, please submit an email to [email protected] or call our customer support team. We will investigate the issue and work efficiently to remove any offending materials. If submitting your request via email, please provide a hyperlink to the offending materials.

This copyright policy may be updated regularly. This copyright policy is not intended in any way to limit or restrict our copyrights and intellectual property rights under federal and state laws.


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